This suite was designed using ink illustration, stylized watercolor, and classic typography paired with hand lettering. The flora depicted is a shrub known as Salal (Gaultheria Shallon) that is native to the land where the couple built their home together and held their ceremony.  The plant stays green year round and blossoms with delicate, bell-like white flowers, following which they produce small scrumptious purple berries. The shrub reminds the couple of home and represents their loving relationship, rooted and growing on their land.
This wedding suite was designed using analog illustration and classic typography paired with a delicate script. This wedding was one that I had a hand in planning, including selecting the color palette that would carry through form the invitations to the environment, decor and attire at the actual events. I worked closely with Oblation Papers & Press in Portland, Oregon to letterpress the design using matte and metallic inks. 
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