If you are looking to get a custom piece made, please inquire below. I am currently offering pet and personal portraits, hand lettering and more. Turn around time for commission work will vary depending on the scope of each project. I offer both digital and traditional media work. If you have a specific date you need your piece delivered by, please include that in your message.
A time frame agreeable to both parties will be estimated and we'll proceed from there with your piece!
A deposit totaling half the cost of your commission will be due before the rendering of any services.
It will be your responsibility to supply reference images and details necessary to render the piece(s). 
Upon completion of your commission, the second half of the cost (plus shipping cost if applicable) will be due
before delivery. My preferred method of payment is Venmo. If you are not comfortable with that, we can find
another payment method that is agreeable to both parties, such as a check.
Thanks for saying hi!
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